Back Up Camera Sales to Climb Over 40%

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Back up cameras, are growing at a steady pace with aftermarket sales estimated to reach 182,000 units this year, up from 125,000 last year, according to iSuppli.

The growth will continue steadily through 2015, reaching 813,000 units as consumer awareness gains and new legislation may impact the category.

A law signed by then President Bush in 2008 requires the DOT to issue new regulations to protect children from back up accidents. This could result in a mandate in the next few years to put back up cameras or sensors in new cars. Although it would apply on an OEM level, it could impact the aftermarket because consumer awareness would skyrocket, said iSuppli.

Consumer awareness is already gaining with each year, claim suppliers. Steelmate national sales manager John Lombard said the product is getting more placement in new cars, which is translating to higher consumer awareness. A spouse may see the back up camera in a husband’s car and then want the option for her own, he said.

At retail, back up cameras are often an add-on sale when a customer purchases an in-dash navigation system or an AV head unit.

A quick poll of car electronics specialty retailers found that they attach a back up camera to at least 20 percent of their customers’ in-car navigation purchases. Sixth Avenue Electronics, based in Springfield, NJ, with 19 stores, says it manages to sell a back up camera with almost all of its customers’ in-dash navigation purchases. It achieves this by bundling the camera with navi system at an attractive discount.

Kenwood says 30 to 40 percent of the in-dash navigation or multi-media systems purchased at $1,000 or higher include an attachment sale of a back up camera. Soundsational Audio & Video in Indianapolis says its attachment rate is about 40 percent. JML Audio of St. Louis says its attachment rate to a navigation system is 20 or 25 percent.

Source: CEoutlook and iSuppli
Photo: Boyo back up camera

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