Craziest Subwoofer on the Planet

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This $13,000 fan is actually a home audio subwoofer that delivers deep bass but spins like a true fan, when turned on. Eminent Technology’s TRW-17 Woofer has no cone-type woofer but it creates bass frequencies down to 1 Hz, where standard $1,000 subs only operate down to 30Hz, says Steve Guttenberg’s Audiophiliac blog on CNET. The fan er woofer makes an entire room pound with bass, claims Guttenberg.

The exact price of the TRW-17 is $12,900; but maybe Eminent could find a way to make a slightly cheaper 12 volt model for the car.

Source: CNET

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  1. Looks pretty cool, but going to be difficult finding people that will pay $13K for something that produces frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear!! Call me crazy, but I don’t imagine a 1Hz note is going to do much for your music or movies!!!

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