Cadillac Prepares Crash-Proof Car

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Cadillac says it’s working on a crash-proof car.

The company may include Doppler radar in its cars to spot obstructions or traffic jams ahead, said Cadillac director of global safety, John Capp. And even deeper in the future, Capp envisions cars that can drive themselves autonomously. The cars could communicate with each other, and with traffic signals and buildings.

“We see things moving toward a point in the future where perhaps vehicles won’t crash,” said Capp. “We work on developing advanced safety technologies for Cadillac that alert drivers to potential dangers around them.”

Cadillac, of course, already has a number of advanced driver safety products. Its 2010 DTS Platinum includes lane departure warning, blind spot alert and adaptive cruise control.

The media buzz is getting louder on driver safety products, and also on driverless or autonomous, crashless cars.
Source: Cadillac

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