Geek Squad Offers eReader Set Up

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In case you missed it, Best Buy’s Geek Squad began offering this month an eReader set up service for $30 (see below). This appeared a little ridiculous to blogs such as Crunchgear who figure anyone who would buy an eReader was likely to be able to activate and use it.

Best Buy recently sought to defend itself on its Geek Squad blog which stated:

….But we have a lot of other customers who want help so they can enjoy the content on their new devices as fast as possible, without having to update firmware. Still others come to us to make sure they’re getting all the functionality from their eReaders. That’s why our eReader set-up service includes things like helping clients connect their eReaders to their smartphones so they can get to the “who done it” faster by reading their favorite mystery novel across both devices.

With eReader margins ready to be slim to nothing by Black Friday, we can’t blame Best Buy for trying to get a little extra profit out of an eReader.

Source: Geek Squad
Image via The Consumerist

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