FLO TV May Get New Pricing; Here for Long Run

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More Audiovox news here… The company strongly defended the longevity of its FLO TV product and said it is actively looking at alternative pricing and programming options for its FLO TV (pay TV service) car system.

President of Audiovox Electronics Tom Malone said, “We talk to FLO on a daily basis. We are fully engaged in continuing the sale and development of FLO TV…we feel it’s got a very strong future. And we need to find the proper price point, content packages that make sense and that’s all being looked at, certainly on the price side with both Audiovox and FLO TV to make the offer more compelling. So we’re taking a hard look at that.”

Audiovox’s reaffirmation follows an announcement in July by Qualcomm that it may sell its FLO TV service. Qualcomm said sales of FLO TV’s pay TV service to portable devices had not met sales expectations.

Audiovox, which sells a $399 FLO TV tuner for the car, added, “We feel confident that FLO TV as a service will continue for the long term,” according to Malone.

Audiovox’s FLO TV tuner is expected to be offered through Best Buy this quarter. The system delivers 20 channels of subscription TV. Audiovox also supplies a portable FLO TV-equipped DVD player. FLO TV requires a service charge of $15 per month.

Source: CEoutlook (exclusive)

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  1. Here’s the deal. Over priced hardware and a monthly service charge….for TV.

    This same service (DIGITAL TV TUNER) is available for just the price of the hardware for around $150.00 plus installation, Google it. Proven manufacturers.

    Get out while you can Qualcomm. How much for last years Super Bowl ad?

    Big Box will sell mainly portable units for those that want to carry another electronic device, phone app more sensible.

    Stick with the Auto Manufacturer; consumers are more likely to buy from the dealer as a factory upgrade. But for $629.00 plus installation and a monthly service charge…don’t think so.

    FLO hater? Not at all just another over priced product that will be obsolete before it can gain real traction in the market (auto application). The mobile app market will remain as it has been around for minimal cost for years.

    3D TV anyone…….another sinking product.

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