Android is Top Dog but iPhone is the Most Desired Phone

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Android smartphone shipments grew an astounding 886 percent worldwide (and 851 percent in the U.S.) in Q2 compared to the period last year, said Canalys. But the iPhone is still the most desired smartphone on the market, according to a Nielsen report.

Android is the largest smartphone platform in the U.S. with a 34 percent market share due to the success of Android phones from HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG. Apple is second with a 21.7 percent share and HTC follows with a 14.4 percent share. Total Q2 shipments in the U.S. totaled 14.7 million.

Where Apple shines is among those who want to purchase a smartphone. Nielsen found many Android users and BlackBerry owners want to switch to Apple. BlackBerry owners are the most likely to defect with almost 30 percent ready to switch to an iPhone and 21 percent ready to switch to Android. By contrast Apple iPhone owners stay pretty loyal with almost 90 percent planning to stick with Apple. Android had the second highest loyalty with 71 percent planning to buy another Android phone and 21 percent ready to switch to an iPhone. Only 3 percent of Android owners want to switch to a BlackBerry.

Worldwide, the smartphone share for Q2 looked like this:
Leader Nokia smartphone shipments grew by 41 percent giving it a 38 percent ww market share
Research in Motion BlackBerry smartphone shipments also grew by 41 percent, giving RIM an 18 percent global share
Apple had 61 percent growth and a 13 percent ww share

Source: Canalys and The Nielsen Company

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