Mercedes Benz Remote Starter from Compustar

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Few if any leading brand names offer a remote start system for late model Mercedes Benz vehicles, but Compustar (Firstech) just began shipping a $799 data module that will remote start a Mercedes Benz 2010 C Class using the car’s own key. No key fob is necessary. The device installs in 5 minutes with no wire cutting because it taps into the car’s fibre optic system. (See video below).

If you want to add extended range to the system to remote start from virtually anywhere you can add CompuStar’s DroneMobile app for the iPhone and start the car from your iPhone. You can also buy a Compustar remote starter keyfob to increase range beyond that offered by the factory key.

The new data module for Mercedes Benz C Class is shipping now.

Source: Compustar

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