OnStar Releases Video of its Smartphone App

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You can see the new OnStar app in action in the video below as OnStar shows us how we can find our lost car in a crowded parking lot by tapping on the screen of an iPhone.

The company also announces in the new video that one of the first cars to work with an OnStar app (beside the Chevy Volt due later this year) will be the Chevy Cruze this summer as well as the Buick LaCrosse and several Cadillac models this year.

As we noted last week, the OnStar app should be available for iPhone and select Android smartphones to work with 2011 GM cars as they roll out. The app will let you remote start the car, lock or unlock doors, hit the panic button plus other features including checking tire pressure, oil life, fuel level, etc.

Source: OnStar

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