Smartphones Still Dogged by Shortages

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From the iPhone to HTC’s EVO and Incredible, smartphones aren’t coming fast enough to match demand.

The iPhone is delayed by 3 weeks, the first 4G phone—the HTC EVO– is sold out indefinitely and the HTC Incredible is backordered for a month, says TheStreet, noting that this could prove a field day for the new Motorola Droid X due this month on Verizon. If Motorola’s quantities are sufficient, it could “have the market to itself this month,” said the finance web site.

The HTC EVO is suffering from parts shortages says fudzilla and is losing about 15 to 25 percent of the orders it might have filled. Estimates peg EVO sales at about 300,000 units so far.

Shortages come as global shipments of smartphones surged by 50 percent in the first quarter in the midst of a recession, according to Strategy Analytics. Shipments reached 54 million units in Q1.

Sources: TheStreet, fudzilla, MarketWatch
Photos: (top) Droid X via PCMag and (lower) HTC EVO

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