Windows 7 Tablets Due

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Microsoft Tuesday confirmed that Windows 7 Phones are on the way by Christmas and said a broad selection of tablet PCs using Windows 7 are in the works.

Asus, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and about a dozen others are developing tablets using Windows 7, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told developers according to Reuters and the BBC.

Ballmer said tablets are “terribly important” to Microsoft, but did not offer more product specifics. “This year, one of the most important things that we will do in the smart device category is really push forward with Windows 7-based slates,” Ballmer said, noting the devices will come in many formats: some dockable and some with keyboards.

Analysts, however, say that Windows 7 is not well suited to tablets. The BBC quoted PC Pro magazine editor Tim Danton as stating, “They are fundamentally built for a mouse and keyboard…Windows 7 has some touch functionality, but it is still not a core part of the operating system. Microsoft would be better looking at its Windows 7 phone operating system and using that.” Analysts have expressed similar views to CEoutlook in the past.

Source: BBC and PC Magazine via Yahoo!

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Photo: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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