More Good News for Android

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Android continues to make inroads into smartphone territory. The format now has 90,000 apps, making it a respectable, but distant competitor to Apple, which offers 225,000 apps in its App Store. Fudzilla says Android apps should pass the 100,000 mark this month—a far cry from the 7,000 apps offered a year ago.

In June alone over 15,000 Android apps were released. Apple still leads by a wide margin, but fudzilla speculates that Android could surpass Apple in apps in the next few quarters.

In May, the NPD Group said Android phones knocked the iPhone out of the number two slot in U.S. smartphone sales. Android based smartphones took a 28 percent share of unit sales, second to RIM’s 36 percent share. This put the iPhone in third place with a 21 percent share.

Source: fudzilla

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