Colder’s Buys Flanner’s

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Flanner’s has been acquired by Colder’s a 4-store home furnishings retailer in Milwaukee, Wi.

The chain plans to reopen Flanner’s single Milwaukee-based home theater store soon and may add additional locations under the 128-year old Flanner’s brand name.

Colder’s is currently in discussions regarding retaining the salespeople, management and owners of Flanner’s, said Randy Felker, a merchandiser for Colder’s and reportedly a member of the family that owns the chain.

Colder’s purchased all the inventory for Flanner’s and plans to sell much of the same brands and products. But it hopes to better promote the store and raise awareness of its expertise in home automation and custom home theater.

“Milwaukee doesn’t have a single place to go to see home automation and green products. Our goal is to increase awareness in Milwaukee. We want people to make it a destination,” said Felker.

Flanner’s, a PRO Group member, ceased operations in April, closing its doors as it sought funding.

For its part, Colder’s sells furniture, appliances, bedding and home theater products (but not custom home theater). It’s been in business since 1942. No co-branding of stores is planned.

Source: Colder’s

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