iPad 12V Install Lures CNN, Alpine

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We checked back with the iPad installer at SoundMan Car Audio in Santa Clarita, CA. whom we showed carving out a Toyota dash for an iPad install. SoundMan’s first 12 volt iPad video received 850,000 hits, and resulted in visits to the shop from CNN, KTLA5 (Los Angeles TV station) and Alpine Electronics engineers, it told us. There’s a third video (see below) on the topic as SoundMan had some issues with the first install.
Is there really a market for installing iPads in cars? SoundMan’s installer Doug Bernards says he doesn’t know. “I get a lot of people saying they are going to send their cars in. Haven’t done any yet, but people are asking for price quotes.”
And those Alpine engineers? “They wanted to get some of my ideas for products for the future. It sounds like they may go into the area of Internet enabled units but I don’t know if that’s for the new cars or aftermarket.” Truly we don’t know what those Alpine engineers will produce but we do know what Bernards suggested: an Android-based radio that could make use of Android apps. We like it!
Maybe SoundMan Car hasn’t gotten any iPad installs from its video but it certainly got publicity. People are stopping by to look at the car, said Bernards.
Note: He combines the iPad with a standard $29 Apple iPad dock with a line out to get a clean analog audio signal. The dock also lets you hook up a charger for the iPad. He’s working on a digital audio signal.
Source: CEoutlook
SoundMan Car Audio iPad Video Part 3 with Doug Bernards:

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  1. ABSOLUTELY – there is a want for this in the dash !!! There is not 1 iPhone customer I’ve mentioned it to that won’t do it as soon as version 2 – that is a phone – comes out. What else do you need in your car for entertainment – this is beyond anywhere we ever thought the car stereo would ever go !!!!

  2. yawn, sorry I have been installing computers in vehicles for some time.
    Off road vehicle owners use them for navigation, expedition drivers the same.
    Nothing new about a tablet installed in a dash.

  3. Great Job, is the tide turning? Is our industry getting recognized for our great skills and knowledge? I don’t know….But one RETAILER is sure getting recognized. Great job Sound Man!

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