iPad Works with Sync

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By Amy Gilroy Sorry for the second iPad video but we couldn’t resist this one either. For Ford Sync owners, here’s some good news. Your car radio can connect with an iPad via streaming Bluetooth audio. You can listen to Pandora via the iPad as you drive. What about charging? I’ve been told the iPad requires a more powerful charge than the iPhone’s 5 volts. More to come on this…. I’ve polled a half dozen aftermarket radio makers asking if their radios will work with the iPad. I’ve gotten no responses or notes saying it’s too soon to tell.

Source: Ford

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  1. Michael, I have found very few specialist retailers that are even aware of streaming audio via BT. The ignorance on this subject is pretty scary. Now that the automakers are offering it and promoting it, maybe it will create demand and interest in the aftermarket channel.

    The future is wireless.

  2. After years of the aftermarket creating the demand, then the car manufacturers coming in and crushing the category; it finally has created demand without competition. P.s. Jeremy and Manville look so much a like they could be brothers!

  3. Pandora works through 3G on the iPhone and streams out via BT, just like the iPad demo in the video. I would imagine that the 3G iPads will be able to stream it on the road.

  4. I saw this also this morning, but I was under the impression that Pandora only functioned via WiFi. Yes, it can play media via Bluetooth A2DP, but I think functionally is a bit more limited than what “iPad Works with Sync” implies. I may be wrong of course, I don’t have an iPad, but from what I’ve read, its not quite plug and play.

  5. Please no More Ipad news for Car tech for at least 1 week.
    We get it. You like Mac.

    That being said a dedicated media player can do that and more without being cumbersome nor dangerous.

  6. Does this mean the Ford Sync provided an internet connection for the iPad, or would the iPad also have to be in range of local wifi (today) or on G3 when those become available?

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