Auto Page Goes “Real Metal”

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Auto Page goes stylish this month with a new security and remote start system with a flashier transmitter. Instead of the usual plastic key fob transmitter with a chrome coating, the C3-RS1100 has a true chrome metal casing, so it will definitely look better with your BMW key. The new high end security system also uses a 50 percent larger OLED screen on the transmitter so you can better see the icons that show events such as the car starting. Auto Page also claims the graphics are improved so the icons look “less cartoonish” than on typical transmitters.
The $699 top-of-the-line system can be combined with the Auto Page C3 cellphone-based alarm/remote start/GPS tracking/keyless entry system that uses your cellphone to remote start, track and secure the car. The C3-RS1100 has a one-mile range and ships mid-month.
Source: Auto Page

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