VOXX Intros Rewards Program for CarLink 7, LINKR-LT3 by Omega

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Press Release (UNEDITED) ORLANDO, FL — VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), and leading innovator of aftermarket automotive electronics and connected car solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever rewards program for the brand-new CarLink 7 and LINKR-LT3 products, which begin shipping this month. For the first time, VOXX is offering rewards for these cutting-edge products, along with a revenue share program for store owners.

CarLink 7 and LINKR-LT3 by Omega Rewards Program

For the very first time, VOXX is offering a comprehensive rewards program for its CarLink 7 and LINKR-LT3 by Omega products. This initiative is designed to recognize and reward both sales representatives and installers for their efforts in bringing these innovative solutions to customers.

“We are thrilled to launch our first-ever rewards program for these products,” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President of VOXX Electronics. “This is a significant milestone for VOXX, as we acknowledge the hard work of our retail sales reps and technicians with well-deserved rewards. This program is all about celebrating and incentivizing the extended team that makes our success possible.”

Revenue Share Program for Store Owners

In addition to the new rewards program, VOXX is also introducing a revenue share opportunity for store owners. Store owners who facilitate renewing subscription plans for CarLink 7 and LINKR-LT3 by Omega will now receive a share of the revenue generated from these renewals. This initiative provides an additional income stream and incentivizes store owners to actively promote ongoing customer engagement and service plan renewals.

“Store owners are essential to our success, and we want to ensure they are directly rewarded for their efforts,” added Demers. “The new revenue share program aligns our interests and supports store owners in maintaining strong customer relationships and promoting service plan renewals.”

About CarLink 7 and LINKR-LT3 by Omega

CarLink 7 and LINKR-LT3 by Omega are the latest advancements in its next generation of connected car technology, offering users enhanced vehicle control and security via their smartphones to remote start, lock, unlock, and track their vehicle. Updated features now include:

New app dashboard

Updated Mybranded app features

Upgradeable Premium Plus plan – Ideal for small fleets, parents with teen drivers, or drivers interested in car-sharing their vehicle.

Both products include 1 year of free Premium service and are set to begin shipping this month. Additional modules may be required for specific features, sold separately.

Visit us at our KnowledgeFest Atlantic City booth, June 7th-9th, and be sure to attend our training sessions:

VIPER Training – Fri. 6-7 @ 1:45p

VOXX eKey & CarLink 7 Training – Fri. 6-7 @ 3:00p

VOXX Rear Seat Entertainment & Leather Craft Training – Sat. 6-8 @ 5:30p

Please contact your VOXX sales representative for further details.

For more information about VOXX Electronics Corporation and its range of automotive aftermarket solutions, please visit www.voxxelectronics.com.

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