Boss Audio Sponsors Knowledgefest Sales Seminar

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BOSS Audio at KnowledgeFest

Press Release (UNEDITED): OXNARD, CA– Boss Audio will sponsor a seminar in the sales track of the upcoming KnowledgeFest show, which is being held in Atlantic City, NJ June 7-9 2024.

The seminar, titled “The Profit Funnel” which will be delivered by Jon Kowanetz of Pathways Coaching &
Consulting, aims to provide a solution to several struggles that 12 volt retailers often face
such as; finding qualified salespeople, presenting consistent value to customers, being able
to offer predictable results and optimizing inventory turnover and profitability.

By sharing a proven method for systematizing the sales process in such a way that can be
easily learned, easily taught and easily implemented, Kowanetz says, “Anybody who comes
to this class will leave with a blueprint for how to create their own unique selling systems that
can guide not only in store interactions, but online sales as well, increasing both customer
and employee satisfaction, as well as revenue and profit.”

Because the retailer populates the system with their own chosen products and qualifying questions, Jon added “what you end up with is an efficient selling system that is authentic to the DNA and language of the store, rather than just another sales pitch that customers can see right through.”

The last time that Boss sponsored this presentation, at the Las Vegas Knowledgefest event in
February, it was the highest rated class in the sales track with attendees saying that it
changed the way they look at their sales process and instantly improved their profitability
upon implementation.

In keeping with their initiative to support positive growth within the industry, Boss contracted
Pathways to deliver the same value to the inaugural Atlantic City event for which record
attendance is expected.

Matthew Delgado, Director of Sales for Boss International Group said “At the end of the day,
a business needs great products, the tools to sell them effectively and the knowledge to do
so profitably. We are proud to offer all of this to the attendees of the Atlantic City event in
partnership with Pathways Coaching & Consulting.”

The presentation “The Profit Funnel” will be delivered at 10:40 am on Friday, June 7th 2024 in
the Avalon 8 room in the Harrah’s Resort & Convention Center.

Please contact Jon Kowanetz at Pathways Coaching & Consulting with any questions.

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