Thinkware to Expand Into This Product

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Thinkware Smart Tint

Thinkware, a leading maker of dashcams, will expand into a new category with a “Smart Tint” system for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y moonroofs.

With Smart Tint, a pre-cut tint film is installed with a wired connection to the car’s power. It comes with a controller so drivers can adjust the tint to dark or clear.

Thinkware expects to ship Smart Tint around July for about $1,100 including installation.

In Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles the moonroof is so large that occupants can actually get sunburned, said Billy Alexandre of Thinkware. “It darkens the roof to a point where it will block most of the heat and solar radiation coming through.”

Thinkware said it has been expanding its direct sales to dealers. It partners with Stinger as a distributor but has been adding direct dealer accounts and is appointing reps across the country, said Alexandre.

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