B2 Audio Returns to US with Big Jeff

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Big Jeff Distributes B2 Audio in US

Distributor Big Jeff Online has been named US master distributor for B2 Audio, a Danish sound quality brand that is resuming shipments after leaving the US market in 2022.

B2 Audio is also now considering bringing in a marine audio line for the US in early 2025.

B2 Audio products in the US now have a two-year warranty with accident coverage from CPS such as “when people put a hole in the speaker by accident,” said Jeff Goldman, known as Big Jeff.  The warranty also covers amplifiers and woofers.  Tweeters and compression drivers have replacement diaphragms that may be ordered for a small price “to fix your highs when you get a little crazy with the volume knob,” he said.

Some of B2 Audio’s hand-built “Rampage” high end subwoofers will be produced overseas to reduce costs, said Big Jeff Online. “We want to make it more affordable for the bass heads,” he said.

Among the products under Big Jeff Online is the B2 Audio Kracken, a 30,000 watt mono amplifier at $3,449.95.

A pair of Rage8PWR drivers are water resistant with UV protection and handle 250 watts RMS at 4 ohms at $249/pair.

Another product example is the Rage2300.4 amplifier with a frequency range of 10Hz to 27kHz with 95dB S/N.  The 4-channel bridgeable amp, at $799.95, is rated at 4 x 450 watts RMS into 4 ohms and 4 x 575 watts RMS into 2 ohms.

Subwoofers range from 6.5- to 15 inches with custom models, up to 33 inches. Some of the hand-built 33-inch models will be arriving in the next shipment, said Big Jeff.

Current amplifiers include Rage models from $519.95 to $879.95 and Rage micro amps from $249.9 to $274.95, plus a 7500 watt mono Riot amp at $899.95. Big Jeff Online said B2 Audio is also working on a new line of amplifiers.

Amplifiers are designed in house by B2 Audio co-owner Jay Holm who appears in a video with Big Jeff. The video tests B2 Audio amplifiers, showing they exceed their RMS power ratings.  Big Jeff says the subwoofers also play at extended ranges, both at the low and high end of the spectrum.

Big Jeff Online is planning to offer the line through brick and mortar retailers and online at MAP pricing.  B2 Audio will be sold by Big Jeff on Amazon but dealers cannot sell on Amazon, eBay or Walmart.  Dealers may sell online at their own website. “We plan to keep strict MAP pricing, so dealers have great margins,” said Big Jeff.

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  1. Yea and you forgot to mention the prices has gone up 40% to 60% up for no reason. People are mad and not buying anything because of that looking somewhere else and other brands like sundown dc audio xD that are built here in the USA

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