DD Audio Revamps Lineup

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DD Audio Revamps Line

Over the past six months, DD Audio has fully revamped its hand-built subwoofer line and added more subwoofer enclosures.

The company is also considering going deeper into what Todd Shropshire, General Sales Manager, calls the “toy” market–motorcycle and powersports audio.

DD Audio subwoofers are built in Oklahoma with custom options available.  Under the revision, all hand built subwoofers now include “heat sinks”-a pole piece that goes up into the motor to pull heat away from it.  The subwoofers also now use redesigned motors, cones and surrounds.  This applies to DD Audio’s 6.5 inch subwoofer 1506 line, the 8-inch subwoofer 2508 and the 9500 and 9900 series in 10-, 12-, 15-, and 18-inch sizes.

DD Audio subwoofer enclosures
LE-DF-SL600 series subwoofer enclosures

The company, also, this year moved deeper into the sub enclosure market with new models incorporating 8-,10- and 12-inch woofers. Previously DD Audio offered a single truck wedge enclosure with a 6.5 inch subwoofer.  The new down-firing enclosures handle 300 watts RMS for the LE-DF-SL608 ported 8-inch model at $399 suggested retail price; 600 watts RMS for the LE-DF-SL610 10-inch model at $419 SRP and 600 watts RMS for the LE-DF-SL612 inch enclosure at $439 SRP. 

As for motorcycle and powersports, the company is looking at a redesign of saddle bag speakers and subwoofers to accommodate newer Harley-Davidson bikes.  And it is looking into new water resistant amplifiers for golf cars, motorcycles UTVs and ATVs.  The company began offering  a couple of water resistant amplifiers last year and is considering packaged deals with new powersports speakers and subwoofers.

The golf cart amplifier under consideration could be a 14- or 24-volt model.

One of the more recent new products is the VO-W700 woofer series.  These are woofers, as opposed to subwoofers, designed to handle the frequencies between the lower midrange and subwoofer ranges.  The VO-W700 handles 35Hz to 2000kHz. The woofers come in 10- and 12-inches have a similar design to DD Audio’s earlier 9000 Series.

Models and pricing:

  • VO-W710-d2/d4 MSRP $329
  • VO-W712-d2/d4 MSRP $359

For more information see VO-W710 and 12 inch VO-W712.

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  1. I love DD Audio, I still have a pair of the O.G DD 10s
    In my truck that are still bumping. DD Audio keep making noise and perfecting perfection. Get Sundown Audio nervous.

  2. I’m a huge fan of dd,just can’t afford it,I like what you all have done with the line up
    Keep pushing

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