The Next Big Tech at Mobile Solutions

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Next Big Thing at Mobile Solutions

Machine automation such as laser cutting will be added this year to all classes at Mobile Solutions, as the technology becomes an important tool in streamlining 12 volt dealer operations.

3D printers, laser cutters & engravers and CNC machines can save a fabricator/12 volt specialist time and money by creating repeatable files that dealers can use every time they need the same part.

All Mobile Solutions classes will have some type of automation hands on training where students draw in 2D for laser cutting and then produce a product. 2D is used by 90 percent of the dealers currently doing machine automation, said Bryan Schmitt, Mobile Solutions founder.

A dealer can be up and running on 2D software with a month of practice, where 3D software (typically Fusion 360) requires six months to a year of daily use to gain sufficient expertise, said Schmitt.

Mobile Solutions 2D instruction

For its classes, Mobile Solutions includes a half day on CorelDRAW, Aspire and LightBurn for 2D training. “We taught these at MasterTech Expo.  That’s  what people are asking for. I had guys, literally, that didn’t own a laptop. We taught them from zero and by the end of the day they were drawing in CAD and felt they could do this.”

There are four laser cutting machines at the school with a group of students assigned to each one.  Students learn the basics in design and strategy and build door panels. “You see the light bulbs click on like crazy,” said Schmitt of the students.

“We’re trying to be early adopters and really embrace the technology by letting students use it. We offer a laser cutter; we have a partnership with the manufacturer (xTool) so students can learn the tech and buy the machine and tools.  That’s the biggest pivot in our business model this year.” Mobile Solutions also provides support and stocks parts.

The laser cutter essentially replaces the cardboard template that hangs on the wall.  Schmitt said, “The laser can be cutting while you do something else.  And it cuts perfectly, instead of you having to sit there and make it work.”


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