One of First 12V Dealers With Cybertruck

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One of First Cybertrucks for aftermarket

One of the first car audio dealers to land a Cybertruck is Tint World Orlando.

Owner Pete Muller took delivery of a Cybertruck for use as a demo vehicle on May 1. Muller has used many exotic demo cars for his business over the years including a Lamborghini and a Ferrari, but this is different. “This gets more attention than anything I have every owned.  Like 100 times as much attention. It’s parked in front of the building. I’ve had at least 20 people this morning stop and take pictures of it. ”

On a recent weekend, Muller took the Cybertruck to four different car shows and passed out “hundreds of fliers.” “I opened the doors and let people get in and enjoy it. That’s what it’s for,” he said.

Tint World Orlando Cybertruck


Muller reserved the truck back in 2019 with a $100 deposit without knowing if he would actually buy it. “I’m always looking for the next interesting thing.  In January, I got a text asking, ‘Would you like to reserve your Cybertruck.'”  Delivery would be in 90 days.  “I thought if I could get one of the first ones, it would make sense. Six months from now, I don’t think it will have as much of an impact,” Muller added.  The cost was $110K.

He is planning an aftermarket system for the truck and is currently talking to suppliers about a joint marketing effort between his Tint World shops and the supplier.

Using demo cars as marketing tools works for Muller.  He’s an enthusiast who enjoys going to car shows and working with car clubs.  “There’s so many people in our industry that lost the passion for what we do. I’ve been doing this for 26 years and still enjoy everything we do every day. I still go to every event that I can and hang out with every car group that I can. Even if I didn’t have the store, I would still be out there doing that,” Muller said.

He is a member of the local electric vehicle club because he has a Porsche Taycan.  He said the club members “are already excited” about the Cybertruck.

We’ll keep you posted on the build!

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  1. Looking forward to installing small accessories like radar detector hardwires and then getting blamed by the customer/dealership for the truck bricking itself an hour later. LOL

    1. That’s also one of the reasons I bought one — so I can figure out how all of the electrical works on it without having to experiment on a customer’s car. These will be pretty straight-forward, we all just need to stock step-down converters to get 12v. 🙂

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