Wāvtech Dips Into Subwoofer Market

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Wavtech slim car subwoofer

By James Chevrette and Amy Gilroy

Wāvtech, the OEM integration/amplifier company, will launch in July a shallow subwoofer that performs as well as a traditional, deeper subwoofer, it said.

Noted at the recent CMA Expo in Toronto, Canada, the new thinPRO12 subwoofer uses patent pending technology to achieve a mounting depth of three inches, a peak to peek excursion of 2 inches, and a power handling rating of 750 watts RMS, Wāvtech said.

Wāvtech is not planning on a major push into woofers, but rather wanted to produce this specific subwoofer.  “Up to this point in time, any shallow subwoofer has some level of compromise.  We wanted something that performed like a traditional subwoofer but in a very small box and with only three inches [in depth],” said President Mike Morris.

The subwoofer will debut in a 12-inch model with a 10-inch to follow next year. The recommended sealed box is .6 cubic feet, but will work in as small as .5 cubic feet.  Recommended ported box size is 1.0 to 1.25 cubic feet.

Wāvtech started out selling OEM integration accessories and branched into car audio amplifiers over a year ago.  Its amplifiers use its integration technology, incorporating active thermal management so when the amp heats up, its power rolls back so it can continue playing until the amp cools off.  

The full amplifier line is compatible with stop/start engines, and all the amplifiers have an adaptive loading circuit, so factory audio systems will recognize them without the need for resistor packs.

All multichannel amplifiers use channel summing, taking the factory signal and summing it into a full range signal. 

In addition to the four current compact mini-series amplifiers, which measure 4.5-inches wide and 1.65-inches tall, Wāvtech will ship two plus series amplifiers in June or July.  The plus series size increases slightly to 5.5-inches wide, and 1.65-inches tall.


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  1. Knowing Jason and Mike, I am excited to see this sub. It looks really promising and will allow us to have a more expensive solution in shallow subs.
    Kudos to them.

  2. Earthquake Sound produced the first patented shallow driver SWS (Shallow Woofer System) back in 2004 and without any performance compromise. since then, it has sold tens of thousands especially the 8″ that replaced the BMW factory woofers under the front seats.
    so, until then, it is reasonable to wait and see how this patent is going to be different.

  3. Don’t make sense. Make a shallow sub and put a hole at the bottom. If I put the sub in a shallow box wouldn’t the hole require space for ventilation?

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