18 Channel DSP/Amp from Helix

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Helix 18-channel DSP Amplifier

Helix is offering what may be the highest channel-capability in a DSP/amplifier in the aftermarket.  The new V Eighteen DSP provides 20 channels of digital signal processing (DSP) in an 18-channel amplifier for use in many of the multi-channel OEM systems found in today’s vehicles such as the F150 B&O Unleashed and premium audio Tesla Models Y and 3.

The V Eighteen amplifier has 18 channels of both input and output.  So a technician performing one-to-one channel routing can have 18 channels of high level input drawn from the factory system and run it into the amplifier. “Then there’s 18 channels out and you can configure  the inputs and outputs  for whatever you want to do.  It’s a tool that will allow you into cars you may not have had the opportunity to get into before because of the lack of available equipment for it,” said Larry Penn of MSC, which distributes Audiotec-Fisher’s Helix brand in North America.

The V Eighteen provides 75 watts by 18 when all channels are driven at the same time.  Six channels are designed as high current and can reproduce up to 160 watts.

“In our Tesla we’re running 14 channels by 75 watts for all the speakers in the car, and then we’re using four of the high current channels to give us up to 640 watts for the pair of Helix IK10S DVC subwoofers. Up to six of the 18 channels can drive a 2-ohm load and deliver up to 160 watts into those six channels,” said Penn.


  • 20 DSP channels for maximum flexibility with multi-channel sound upgrades
  • 18-channel amplifier with Pure Class GD concept for sound quality with high performance
  • High power 18-channel high level input with up to 32 V RMS input sensitivity and ADEP.3 circuit
  • 1:1 IOR (Input-to-Output Routing) – same number of highl evel inputs and amplifier outputs
  • Up to 160 W RMS output power per channel into 2 Ω
  • Twin DSP Power – two powerful “fixed point” Audio DSPs with 64 Bit
  • VCP (Virtual Channel Processing) allows even more flexible configuration for highly complex sound systems
  • ACO – Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor platform for system and DSP features like:
    • ISA (Input Signal Analyzer) and InputEQ for easy analysis and compensation of input signals
    • SFX sound effects – Augmented Bass Processing, StageXpander, RealCenter & Co.
  • Compact, future-proof SCP (Smart Control Port) for connecting remote controls and accessories
  • HEC slot for system add-ons like Bluetooth® HD Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Optical digital input in SPDIF format and two processed signal outputs
  • Start-Stop capable power supply with extended input voltage range up to 18 V – ideal for modern EV vehicles
  • Automatic Remote switch
  • Compact design with low heat dissipation

The V Eighteen recently began shipping at $2400.


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  1. Helix is hands down the best dsp for beginners to experts…can’t wait to get this beast

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