Recoil Audio Launches in US Alongside Cicada Audio

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Recoil Audio launches US car audio line

Recoil Audio, a global audio brand owned by LuckyStar Trading, parent company to Cicada Audio, is launching as a dealer-direct car audio brand in the US.

Recoil is taking select car audio products from its global line up and offering them direct to US dealers in a new program led by Marty Deane, Director of Sales of Cicada and Recoil Audio.

Recoil Audio is offered as a “quality for price” value line.  Subwoofers start at $49 for its 8-inch models and up to $129 for a premium 12-inch model.  Amplifiers range from about $119 to $249. 

 The company began selling the products to select dealers about 60 days ago.  It is looking to add manufacturer reps and is currently working with Southwest Sales in Texas and Ultimate Marketing in South Carolina. 

Recoil also offers lines of powersports and accessory products.

Recoil’s sister company, Cicada Audio, is a motorcycle audio company that launched in 2022.

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