Automakers May Be Sharing Driving Data With Your Insurance Co.

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Automakers share driving data with insurance companies

GM via Onstar and other car companies are sharing some users’ driving data with their insurance companies, possibly without their knowledge.

A New York Times review found that drivers’ data such as hard braking and speeding incidents are being shared with some users’ insurance companies unbeknownst to the drivers and leading to their insurance rates being raised.

Sometimes the supposed “consent”  to share data is buried in fine print in obscure privacy statements.

In addition to GM, Honda, Kia and Hyundai are offering car apps that rate your driving.  When users sign up, they may find that data is being shared.

California is now investigating the data collection practices of automakers and Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.

See the full story at The New York Times (subscription may be required) and also at GM Authority

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  1. And this should come as a surprise to no one. Given the lack of any real regulations with teeth to protect consumers in that space of data and profits, any and all connected devices who can find ways to collect and sell any sort of info, will. Your car included.

    Things like location data on a phone, probably not a dig deal. But I can see how this info eventually may be weaponized against folks to raise their rates, even without incidents like accidents or tickets. We need to be wary of what the big business are planning, because it’s always a new scheme on how to siphon more money out of our wallets.

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