NAV-TV Aftermarket Sales Continue Until September

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NAV-TV Still Selling

NAV-TV is continuing to manufacture and sell its aftermarket car audio products until a projected date of September 2024.

CEoutlook reported last September, quoting a NAV-TV press release, that the company is  exiting the aftermarket and phasing out operations over the next 12 months.   It turns out that NAV-TV is continuing full aftermarket operations until that time, according to NAV-TV General Manager Tony Yankovsky.

“We are not closed.  We are fully operational until September 2024. We are building product and we are still full on manufacturing,” he said.

He added that NAV-TV is in no rush to leave the interface market that it helped to create.  “We created the first video interface, the first TV tuner, the first fiber optic interface. We love this business.”

NAV-TV’s OEM and test equipment divisions remain fully operational with no intention of closure. 

NAV-TV Corp. is a privately held company headquartered in Coral Springs, FL. It has been serving the automotive aftermarket for over two decades and has been an industry leader with innovative products.

Editor’s Note: In the above story we are correcting a statement on NAV-TV in our Top Story of 2023 article this morning that has since been removed.

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  1. Why anyone would want to continue buying from this company knowing you will get 0 support after September is beyond me. I’ve seen enough “hardware” updates needed on failed items after a year to know to stay FAR away from these guys anymore. Real shame what this company has turned into.

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