Cerwin/Diamond Intro HydroPro Grilles

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Cerwin, Diamond HydroPro speaker grilles

Press Release: CV/DA Holdings  is proud to introduce the HydroPro speaker grilles, a patented, hydrophobic membrane designed to protect Motorsports speakers from water damage while maintaining acoustical transparency.

Designed for easy installation and retrofitting; the material has an easy-to-apply adhesive backing to attach the membrane to a variety of speakers. Users simply apply the membrane to the front of the speaker.  The HydroPro grille adds the benefits of water and contaminant protection.

The HydroPro grilles are shipping now to fit the three most popular speaker sizes:

WPGRL65 fits 6.5″ speakers

WPGRL69 fits 6×9” speakers

WPGRL8 fits 8” speakers

For more information, stop by our SEMA booth #10148 or visit cerwinvega.com or diamondaudio.com


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