West Coast Customs Launches Academy

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West Coast Customs Academy

West Coast Customs, the famous LA fabrication shop catering to the stars, has launched a teaching academy to train custom installers and automotive builders of the future.

The school is accredited under the Burbank, CA school system. The first semester began this September.  Students fully restore a vehicle to show car status, including upgrading the sound system.  BOSS Audio is sponsoring all the audio for the school.

Colin Ross of BOSS said the company has visited the school several times.  “There are multiple classes learning about amps and wattages, volume size inside of an enclosure; everything they need to know for a successful install.”

In one semester students learn paint and body work, metal fabrication, wood fabrication, electronics, upholstery, wrap and tint work, suspension and wheels and tires expertise. They may elect to stay a second semester to specialize in a field, which can include car audio.

Fifteen students are currently at the school, which is held at the West Coast Customs Burbank headquarters. The plan calls for 25 students next semester and 5o the following, eventually reaching over 100.  “At that point we will establish a separate campus, possibly with dormitories and student loans,” said Lorenzo Strong, VP of Sales/Brand Partnerships for West Coast Customs.

Scholarships are available for low income students.  Standard fees run $25 to $50K for a year. “It’s an alternative for kids who wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to college.  They can graduate with a certificate and have a chance to earn a six figure income,” said Strong.

He added, “We are the pioneers in automotive customization. We started as a business customizing cars for private clients, celebrities and brands.  This led to the TV shows from Pimp My Ride to Inside West Coast Customs.  While we’ve opened franchises around the world in many different countries….staffing was our biggest hurdle,” Strong said.    The school is one way to help fill those positions as well as creating more installers and fabricators for the industry overall.

BOSS’ Ross said, “That’s the main reason why we’re part of it.  We want to continue educating people who don’t know much about car audio…having a school like this will help continue to grow the industry.”

Here is a one-minute video on the school.

Photo credit: BOSS Audio

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  1. I don’t think BOSS should be sponsoring any event that teaches people about watts and power outputs of amps… they certainly don’t understand it themselves.

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