Massive Audio Updates Warranty

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Massive Audio warranty

Press Release: Massive Audio has updated the warranty for its car audio products, adding a no fault warranty effective September 15.

Products will be accepted, in most cases, for the no fault program in any condition with a clear serial number and model number picture. There is no need to ship these products back to create further delays.

Massive Audio offers a one-year limited warranty as fully stated on the warranty card which is also included in all product packaging.  It covers the factory defect of parts and workmanship due to possible manufacturing faults.

What is not covered: Water Damaged / Physical Damage / Broken Baskets / Burnt Voice Coils / Over Play / Burnt Amplifier Circuitry / Any type of damage due to products shipping, misuse and mishandling.

Products that are not covered under our standard limited warranty may qualify for our no-fault warranty. At its discretion, Massive Audio may approve the following types of defects below for exchange with brand new products:

Water Damage / Physical Damage / Broken Baskets / Burnt Voice Coils / Over Play / Burnt Amplifier Circuitry / Any type of damage that caused malfunction / Any type of damage due to product shipping or mishandling.

In most cases products will be accepted in any condition with a clear Serial # and model number picture. No need to ship these products back.

All Massive Audio products are built with the highest standard of quality parts and workmanship. Products are fully tested during production from incoming parts (IQC) to max rated tests and final finished product testing to get a quality assurance stamp. (QC)

Massive Audio is also assembling a dealer locator for its products.  All who sign up for the dealer locator will be entered to win a giveaway for a set of coaxial speakers.

We will pick 5 winners at the SEMA show, Oct 31st through Nov 4th.

If you’re at SEMA stop into our North Hall booth# 10142 to say hello and see our new lineup for 2024.

Send your dealer locator information to Ben Holt at [email protected] or call 708-717-0175

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  1. lol, Right but even on those cases we try to help out. From very limited free replacements to aggressively discounted replacements– with our no fault limited warranty. That way we can at least offer alternatives for the dealer to keep customers content. For more information contact Massive Sales 323) 262 2262 or Ben Holt 7080 717-0175

  2. Burnt Voice Coils… well, that settles it. I’ve not seen manufacturer defect in materials or workmanship in almost every brand. “Defects” are usually due to a loose nut behind the wheel. There, i said it.

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