New State Law on ‘Boom Cars’

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NJ Boom Party Law Signed Into Law

New Jersey signed into law last month new stiffer fines for vehicles playing loud music.

If a car can be plainly heard from 50 feet away, the owner will face fines of between $250 and $500 for a first offense and then $500 to $750 for a second offense, said New Jersey Monitor.

If there is a third offense the owner gets two points added to his license plus a fine of between $750 and $1,000.

A similar law has passed in Philadelphia, and is waiting to be signed by the mayor, reports FOX29.

NJ State Senator Troy Singleton (D) said, “It’s no secret that ‘boom car’ parties have negatively affected the quality of life in towns up and down the Delaware River for years…Residents, even those miles away from the Delaware River, can feel the bass vibrating their homes, which torturously keeps them awake all night long,” reported  the New Jersey Monitor.

NJ State Assemblyman Bill Spearman (D) said the mayors of several NJ cities had urged lawmakers act to prevent “boom parties.”

We reported that a similar law was proposed last year to actually impound boom cars in NJ. The version signed into law only raises fines and penalties.


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Source: New Jersey Monitor

Photo credit: New Jersey Monitor Acting NJ Governor Nicholas Scutari signed a handful of bills into law recently.


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  1. Here in SoCal, biggest noise polluters are those vehicles with extremely loud exhausts. There’s electronic signs in place but it’s not enforced. I remember Chicago instituting such laws back in the day. It affected Chicago Retailer’s subwoofer business for awhile then back to normal.

  2. WOW, In this day and age of political correctness… This seem to be very arbitrary and therefore difficult to win if challenged in court. That said, I wonder if there is an organization(s) with the industry’s best interest at heart who might make it “it’s business” to challenge these kinds of laws…?

  3. We’ve such laws in place here forever… the beginning they enforced quite a bit and really it just weeded out the knuckleheads and after a while you didn’t really hear anymore about it. Driver’s became smarter and more respectful of others and frankly the cops I know didn’t really enforce it heavily except for the idiots. And the fines here were pretty high as well……$600 first offense and up to $1000 fine for repeat offenders.

  4. As we say in Jersey, ba-da-boom!
    We’re repeating the government crackdowns on boom cars in the late 80s and early 90s.

    1. Thought that was Ba-da Bing! …. IDIOTS. The lot of them! I’d agree that if a wild pack of knuckledraggers wish to have a DEMO party that creates issues to a community, then sure, drop the Guillotine! But an individual driving around, enjoying their system.. this should be a “Right”. We Americans still have rights, do we not?

  5. Cop’s don’t protect and serve anymore, they write and collect. And if you don’t succumb, they will punish you even more.

    1. Agreed. If you modify the exhaust to intentionally be loud, why would this not fall in the same category?

      1. They do in California. No modified cars at all. Did you see the kid that got pulled over for his factory Hyundai?

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