SounDigital to Unveil High End Amp at KnowledgeFest

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SounDigital GaN Amplifier for Car Audio

¬†SounDigital USA will introduce a new high end amplifier that will become the company’s new car audio flagship.

It is bringing back a GaN amplifier (that it offered in the past in a limited quantity).

SounDigital said, “GaN mosfets are the ultimate solution for high end sound quality amplifiers. We were the first company to ever develop car amplifiers with this technology. And we will be reintroducing this technology now at KnowledgeFest with a totally new line.”

The amplifier is intended for car audio use exclusively (not powersports) and will be provided to a select group of retailers, who go through training before receiving authorization to sell the line.

SounDigital said in a press announcement,¬† “After years … of being asked, SounDigital has decided it needed to step back into the realm of High End Car Audio, and bring back the legendary GaN amplifier. This new series of amplifiers is a step up from the previous iteration, and will provide dealers with a much more versatile solution for their clients.”

The company added, “It is important to understand why GaN is different, why it is going to be used specifically in an automotive application, and why this product is not being put into application in the powersports world. This is why the team at SounDigital USA has decided to introduce the product to all retailers at KnowledgeFest Dallas…”

A training session will be offered on Saturday, August 26 at KnowledgeFest.


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