JL Audio to Be Acquired

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JL Audio acquired
Garmin said, “All existing JL Audio products will continue to be supported post-closing, and customers can expect to continue receiving the same great customer service.”
It said financial terms of the acquisition will not be disclosed.

In a press release, Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble said, “JL Audio’s extensive audio experience will create new opportunities to provide premium audio features across a broad range of our markets and products. The JL Audio brand is known around the world for offering a premium audio experience which is made possible by their talented and dedicated associates. We look forward to welcoming the JL Audio team into the Garmin family.”

JL Audio Founder and CEO Lucio Proni said, JL Audio shares Garmin’s vision to deliver unique technology solutions, supported by meaningful R&D and engineering. We are thrilled at the opportunity to integrate into Garmin’s product ecosystem. JL Audio will contribute audio knowledge and engineering expertise to create great audio products for many years to come.”


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  1. I’m sincerely hoping the Garmin Marketing team will do better that the Current JL marketing team, for over 28 years I have been installing JL equipment and has been a awesome product, But 15 years ago I tried to get some help from JL on Promotions, Shows, and Sponsorship for some of my customers and for Sema Builds, and has refused every time, Zero Help across the board- we’ll come to find out they weren’t at all interested in doing any of the above for “WestCoast” Teams such as myself, was told by a Marketing Manager that retired some years ago: that JL has Zero interest on what goes on in the West Coast, nor is interested in ever helping the West Coast shows, sponsorships, or Dealer help, Was hard to continue to support and sell JL products unless Customer was insisting that it’s the product they have to have, which was very few when I demoed other products.

  2. Lucio, Andy, Jeff and their talented team have spent many decades creating something special. The W7 came out a year later than expected as Lucio wanted to tweak it some more. So to say these guys consider JL their baby is an understatement. I can’t imagine them walking away unless they felt Garmin would continue their legacy. Money or no money, there is too much emotional equity for them to do that in my opinion.
    On the other hand, Garmin is paying a pretty penny for this company, just like when Patrick Industries bought Rockford and Samsung bought Harman. So Garmin has to protect what they have bought or it will come crumbling down. Garmin is a multi-billion dollar company. They know what they bought and know what needs to be done to make their purchase a “good decision.” My gut says they will pour more resources into product development to help JL solidify their place in audio history.
    Here’s to my thoughts becoming reality.
    Lucio, Andy, and Jeff; well done. Your decades of passion and leadership built a company with very few peers. Thanks for all you did for us 12 volt retailers.

  3. I dont even know what to say. As a long time JL fanatic I am worried that the standards of quality that I’ve grown accustomed to are going to disappear. I have had several garmin GPS devices over the years, and they all sucked. And unfortunately, I understand that it’s much easier to drag someone down the hill than it is to pull them up to the top.

  4. Alright, all you peeps in Mirimar, better have your shades adjusted and exit strategies ready to roll out like a bad cinematic trope. I’m lookin’ at this place with the discerning eye of a dude who’s seen too much, and I’m givin’ it a year, two if we’re pushin’ it, before Garmin starts hitting the off switch on their manufacturing jam.

    I mean, we all know, in that secret place where real talk and ridiculous metaphors meet, that their stuff is only rockin’ that made-in-the-USA label ’cause Lou’s got a hankering for it.

    Brace yourselves for the slow, deliberate, and entirely ironic atrophy of the car and home lines. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a sweet ride for you die-hard JL dealers out there.

    Keep it cool, or don’t. Your existential crisis, your call.

  5. Question is will the JL audio division move its headquarters, or 8s Garmin going to expand its to JL Audio locations? As a larger group electronic components will come down in price because they will buy larger volumes more buying power.

  6. Smart move for Garmin and a solid exit for JL ownership & leadership to a well-funded and technical buyer. Congrats to both parties.

      1. I just hope the quality stays the same or even better improves. I love JL Audio and get into a lot of heated arguments with others. I agree there are louder subs out there but the sound quality isn’t even close. You get what you pay for definitely.

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