Android Auto Gets Control

share on: teams with Android Auto, a security monitoring company with millions of users, has teamed with Android Auto to allow its system to be controlled within Android Auto’s user interface.

Users can control their home alarm, garage door and in-home lighting from the car’s infotainment screen. And they can set up a chain of automated events. So, upon arriving home, the security alarm is disabled, the garage door opened and the hall lights activated with one tap.

Users also see real time alerts and reminders on the infotainment screen. said it is one of the first smart home security platforms to deliver “a unified car-to-home experience” on Android Auto.

Android Auto is in most car models from 2018 and up.

See the full press announcement here.

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  1. This could be an enormous feature to some folks! An EASY upsell into an AA head unit!

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