enLIGHT10 Lighting for Stinger HEIGH10

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EnLIGHT10 Stinger HEIGHT10

Press Release (UNEDITED): Clearwater, FL– Stinger Electronics, the industry leader in aftermarket vehicle technology, introduces enLIGHT10 RGB lighting solutions. enLIGHT10 offers a wide variety of LED lighting products for your car, boat, jeep, or UTV. From rock light kits to LED RGB strip lights and more, the enLIGHT10 series provides you with the ultimate control over your vehicle’s lighting system.


The new product line was built to integrate with the Stinger HEIGH10, 10-inch infotainment system (UN1810). With this integration, users can conveniently access enLIGHT10 lighting controls directly on their UN1810 infotainment screen, without ever having to use an app like most lighting applications.


For added convenience, enLIGHT10 features easy-to-install solutions that are controlled using a proprietary app, Stinger enLIGHT10, now available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Choose from thousands of colors and pattern combinations using your smartphone or tablet.


Product Information:

SPXDK Rock Light Kits are available in 4 or 8-pod configurations; each pod features 24 bright, powerful LEDs built for rugged conditions like off-roading or marine use. Create unique lighting patterns to express yourself and ensure safe visibility when driving in dimly lit areas. Additionally, the ingenious daisy chain installation requires only one controller – making it easy to manage both enLIGHT10 rock lights and strip lights simultaneously.


SPXDUBKIT RGB Strip Light Kits offer unparalleled customizations for all vehicles. These LED lights are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning that you can easily manage your lighting from the app and mix any color combination or pattern of your choice. These lights are designed with the perfect fit in mind so they can be mounted virtually anywhere.


“Our enLIGHT10 series was created with one goal in mind – to make it easier for our customers to create an amazing lighting experience for their vehicles,” said Jon Lawrence, enLIGHT10 Product Manager. “We know that people want their vehicles to stand out from the crowd. With our new line of LED lighting products, we are giving them the tools they need to create a truly unique look for their ride.”


To ensure maximum performance and reliability, all enLIGHT10 products use advanced waterproof components that are rated IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Additionally, they feature a durable die-cast aluminum housing that is designed to withstand harsh environments and temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to +176°F (+80°C).


With its state-of-the-art design and advanced features, the enLIGHT10 series is sure to revolutionize how people customize their vehicles’ lighting experience. For more information about this exciting new product line, contact your local Stinger sales representative or visit stingerelectronics.com. To become a Stinger Dealer, click here.


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  1. That’s a fun trick, pretty cool to control your underglow right from a radio screen. Nice touch.

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