ESCORT Intros New Custom Radar Detector

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ESCORT Redline Ci 360c

ESCORT will ship in April a new Redline Ci 360c custom radar detector to replace the MAX Ci 360.

It offers sensors that are 50 percent smaller and are now powered by digital signal processors to better analyze incoming signals. It also provides better sensitivity and filtering.

The new Redline Ci 360c is fully updatable over WiFi so when the user pulls into a garage or in WiFi range,  an automatic update is available to the user.

The Redline Ci 360c has five laser shifters (instead of the four shifters on its predecessor).

“This is the most sensitive radar detector we’ve ever created and the first that is WiFi updatable,” said ESCORT Director of Sales Brady Siebert.

The system works with an app to allow shared alerts and other features. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

More details will follow in April.

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  1. The MAX Ci 360 is/was an outstanding custom radar solution. I imagine that it was quite a task to improve upon it… and, assuming that is exactly what they have done, it should be the one to get.

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