Mid City Solution For 3G Mercedes

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Mid City Engineering

Press Release: Last year, Mercedes Benz announced the shutdown of their 3G network (3G Sundown) that will affect all 2000 to 2016 models and select 2017 models. As of December 1st, 2022 the Mercedes mbrace mobile app no longer connects to the vehicles of affected customers. Essential features like remote start, remote lock and unlock, vehicle tracking, low battery alerts, and more were disabled.


Mercedes has informed their service centers and customers that NO OEM retrofit option will be available to retain the mbrace features and telematics services. Enter Mid City Engineering.


Installing the SmartKey Starter® + Compustar Drone® by Mid City Engineering will allow you to give your customers the features they have been using from the Mercedes mbrace app, plus a whole lot more.


Dan Ruby, owner of Mid City Engineering says, “Over the past decade, we have understood and met the needs of Mercedes customers. The 3G sundown presents a unique and substantial sales opportunity for our dealer network to provide solutions to their Mercedes clientele.”


Innovation and solutions are key, don’t miss this opportunity with a customer that may think they have no options!  Keep reading for more information on what The SmartKey Starter® can offer you and your customers.


The SmartKey Starter® by Mid City Engineering offers remote start from your OEM key fob out of the box. Add the Compustar Drone® and app to remote start, as well as remote lock and unlock, track vehicle, check vehicle status, receive alarm notifications, battery alerts, and more- all from your phone. Additional add-ons and options like security sensors (shock/tilt/glass break/tow), extended range RF remotes, proximity lock/unlock, anti-carjacking, and more are also available. This solution is available for 2013 to 2016 Mercedes-Benz vehicles that operated with the mbrace app.


Visit www.smartkeystarter.com for more information and vehicle compatibility.


For a full list of vehicles affected by the 3G sundown, visit https://www.midcityengineering.com/mb3gsundown/




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