Metra To Track Key Products

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Metra Tracks Products

Metra Electronics is taking steps to enforce its Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) and improve dealer margins by applying serial numbers to its most popular product lines.

It will start serializing the Pro Series LED replacement bulbs under Heise lighting and will expand to additional products in the future.

Individual batches of products will be tracked by using unique labeling, allowing better control of the supply chain.

Products will now be traced from the moment they are manufactured and followed to when they are sold to consumers, which will also prevent the potential sale of counterfeit items.

To enforce MAP, Metra’s team will purchase products and determine if they are being sold outside specified pricing parameters by any given retailer.  The seller will then be contacted by a Metra representative and provided an opportunity to correct the pricing. Vendors who fail to adjust their pricing at that point will be penalized.

“This new process will help to curb undercutting by retail giants and ensure consistency across all retailers,” said Metra.



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  1. good luck with about metra stop letting amazon sell their kits for less money than dealer cost and free shipping

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