BMW Says These Screens Will Disappear

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BMW Says These Screens Will Disappear

BMW believes the super large displays that are overtaking the dashboard will be gone in 10 years, according to Automotive News.

At a media conference at CES, BMW Group head Oliver Zipse said the screens are too distracting as they force you to look down and he expects them to be regulated.

“Driver distraction is the main source of accidents — it’s not fast driving,” Zipse said, according to Automotive  News. “In 10 years, that is gone,” Zipse said. “Probably the regulator will not allow it.”

Instead BMW is focused on heads up displays (HUDs).  BMW’s new HUD, shown at CES ran the full length of the windshield. It’s technology is expected to appear in new BMW models in 2025.

According to Engadget, the HUD display can occupy from 2 to 9.5 inches up the width of the windshield.  It can show basic dash cluster information such as speed and charge remaining or it can go into an augmented reality mode.  The drivers choose the mode on a sliding scale via a touch slider.

To see it in action click on the Engadget video here, starting at minute 2:18.

Photo: Engadget

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