Ring Security Camera for Car

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Ring Car Cam

Following a two-year delay, Amazon will start selling the Ring Car Cam featuring a live view option, which could liven up the dashcam market in the US.

The Ring Car Cam can record both inside and outside of the car. It works over WiFi but for a monthly fee, you get an LTE connection.  This allows LTE notification of a break in or incident. Users can then see a live view in and around the car and communicate with people in and around the car.

The fee for this LTE connected service is $6/month or $60/year. It also automatically moves video to the cloud.

Without the fee, users can connect via WiFi to the dashcam to send video to their phone.

The dashcam responds to an “Alexa record” command to start recording at any time when driving.

The dashcam plugs into the vehicle’s OBD2 port for power. It can store 7 hours of video footage. It has two HD cameras, a microphone, speaker and sensors. The cameras are wide angle and offer Night Vision.

Shipping begins February 15 at $199.  Pre-orders began this week. You can see the listing on Amazon here.

Source: Bloomberg, The Verge, Amazon


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  1. As much as I hate Amazon getting their fingers into even MORE data hoarding… there is a need for an LTE dashcam these days since Waylens went away. I wonder how many customers will run away from the subscription fee.

      1. From what I can tell online they only do fleet services now, no more consumer dash cam product.

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