MSC America Training: Tuning For Profit

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MSC America Training

Press Release: MESA, AZ— Vernon’s Signature Audio from Lubbock, TX drove over 700 miles to receive training from MSC America, distributor of Brax, Helix, Match and BLAM.

The training included hands-on lessons in “Tuning for Profit,” a process developed by MSC to produce the best possible audio tuning results, reliably and efficiently.

Utilizing innovative training tools such as a Personal Tuning Station, consisting of a Helix DSP Mini connected to a pair of headphones, allowed each attendee to make adjustments via a laptop computer and hear the effect in real time. In comparison to simply being told about the effect of time alignment or reading about which crossover type to use, this method allows the attendee to actually hear the audible difference that each tuning decision makes, such as adjusting EQ bars up and down to hear how it changes the sound of an instrument.

After having a much clearer understanding of the function of the DSP tools, each attendee was able to put that knowledge to use in a real world situation, by tuning an actual vehicle, which technician Lazaro Cantu said was his favorite part of the training.  Taking turns, each attendee walked through the step by step “Tuning for Profit” process developed by MSC to produce the best possible results, reliably and efficiently until they each felt comfortable enough to reproduce those same results in their customers’ cars.

For more information call Jason or Matt at 480.372.2929 or email [email protected].

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