ADS Ships New Remote Start Solution

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ADS Weblink HUB

Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) is now shipping a new type of flashing system for remote start.

It’s new Weblink HUB is a dock that replicates the customers’ car key instead of linking into the car’s bus system.

Installers place the customer’s key in the Weblink HUB. It clones the key and sends the information to ADS servers that send back information to flash the remote start bypass.

The new dock eliminates the need for the customer to sacrifice a key as part of the permanent install.

Also now shipping are the first T-harness kits for specific cars to work with the new Weblink HUB.  These are for Mazda and Subaru vehicles, called the MA6 and SU1.

The Weblink HUB requires a new accessory, the RFID1, also shipping, that will be available on platforms including iDataStart HC, Firstech’s DC3, and VOXX’s FLRSBA, in Tharnessed or hardwired installations.

The benefit of the new HUB is to “expand the methods with which we can extract critical transponder information from the vehicle in order to develop remote start solutions. We’ll use the ability to read keys when it helps us deliver a new or improved solution. These solutions may leverage KLON, RFID1, key readings, a combination of the three, or none of the three. It simply opens up more avenues along which we can develop solutions,” said ADS General Manager Robert Di Cesare.

The Mazda and Subaru solutions will also be available on compatible CAN bus integration modules, such as the ALCA, FLCAN, and Blade AL.

Weblink was first introduced at KnowledgeFest Dallas in August.


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