Audiomobile Ships “4K HD” Encore Subs

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Audiomobile "4K" Subwoofer

Press Release (UNEDITED): LAS VEGAS– Audiomobile is pleased to announce the initial deliveries of their latest ‘Advanced Technology’ car audio subwoofers – the Encore 44 Series.

Over 3-years in development, new Encore series represents an “Industry First” product, as the first 1,000 watt, low-profile series of car audio subwoofers.

Featuring a totally new platform, the Encore builds upon the technologies of the original Elite series, but features an array of unique, innovative technical improvements, developed over the past several years, borrowing from proven technologies, originally developed for use in high-power ‘Prosound’ subwoofers.

The Encore series represents Audiomobile’s first 1,000 watt subwoofer design, and features an array of advanced, unique performance technologies, including huge, OFC dual voice coil, on a TIL high-power former.  To handle this extreme thermal load the Encore is features both upper and lower alloy “Shorting Rings” (‘FSD’), as well as the unique radial “ICAR” Intercooling plate, to provide unparalleled conduction cooling and remarkably low-inductance, regardless of the voice coil position.

Featuring an unprecedented performance-envelope, in a ‘low-profile’ driver, the new Encore series delivers a remarkable  19 mm linear Xmax, Klippel verified and will handle over 1,000 watts RMS. This is only made possible by the combined horizontal and vertical “SuperCool” (Stasis Uni-Polar Endo-Radial) technology.  This truly unique, vertical cooling design, represents a quantum-leap in convection-cooling of subwoofer motors, as it allows direct, high-velocity air-flow over the coil windings, unlike traditional axial-pole vent designs, which do not actually provide effective voice coil cooling.

The 4K series also features include the proprietary, patent-pending “ICAR” Intercooler as well as the unique, Aluminum “FSD” (Flux Stabilization Device), which together serve to significantly lower inductance, reduces Intermodulation distortion and virtually eliminates power-compression.  This all translates to greater output and higher power-handling.


  • Unique ‘T-shaped’ extended magnetic-gap, with extended Aluminum ‘Shorting Ring’ crown.
  • Patent-pending ‘ICAR’ Aluminum Intercooler, reduces power-compression and distortion
  • Proprietary “SuperCool” motor venting delivers high-velocity, direct voice coil forced-air cooling
  • Premium Composite Laminated, Curvilinear profile, sandwich cone, with Carbon Fiber dust-cap
  • Unique CNC machined, “Diamond-cut” low-carbon steel motor, with polished clear Zinc plating


This unprecedented combination of features allows for up to 4,000 watt (‘4 Kw’) musicpower peaks, but was designed to perform optimally in both sealed and vented enclosures, from .80 cf to 1.25 cf (for the 4412 and 4415 respectively).

Additional features include high-performance suspension features a heavy-duty, premium EROM surround, and large flat-spider, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow up to 2-inches of peak to peak excursion provided by the unique motor.

This performance is packaged in a very compact 4.9” and 5.9” mounting-depth, making the Encore series the longest excursion, “low-profile” subwoofer on the market. The Encore series starts at $650 MSRP.

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