Ford’s HUD is Actually in the Headlight

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Ford announced it has developed high resolution headlights that can project information on the road ahead at night, in what may be the ultimate heads up display (HUD).

Ford’s headlights can project info such as directions, speed limit or weather directly onto the roadway so the driver’s gaze stays fixed where it belongs.

The technology is particularly helpful because many collisions occur at night, said Ford.

The new headlights also might project information to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

Ford Europe’s Lars Junker said, “What started as playing around with a projector light and a blank wall could take lighting technologies to a whole new level. There’s the potential now to do so much more than simply illuminate the road ahead, to help reduce the stress involved in driving at night. The driver could get essential information without ever needing to take their eyes off the road.”

Ford gave no details on deploying the technology either in Europe or the US.

See full announcement here.

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