Audiofrog Welcomes New Team Member

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Jacob Wehmyer Joins Audiofrog

Audiofrog, which produces high end speakers for cars, commercial applications and live music venues, welcomes Jacob Wehmeyer to the Car Audio team headquartered in Pasadena, California.

Jacob, age 22, is the son of Audiofrog Founder and general audio guru, Andy Wehmeyer.

“I’m very excited to work for Audiofrog, the kind of work I’ll be doing here is right up my alley,” said Jacob. “Two years ago, we installed a system in my Volvo and from that moment I was hooked. Eight months later during a summer apprenticeship, I got my first taste of system tuning after installing a DSP. When I went back to school for my last year of college, I demo’ed my car for friends dozens of times. Every person that listened to the car was blown away. Although making cars sound amazing is something that I have only begun to learn. it is certainly something I’ll be passionate about for years to come.”

Jacob’s initial duties will be managing the online store, providing customer service and tech support, attending trade events and “learning, learning, learning,” said Andy Wehmeyer.  Later in the fall, Jacob will travel in the company’s new demo car, accompanying sales reps, performing demos and providing product training to Audiofrog retail partners.

“It’s nice to have Jacob here. He’s recently graduated from CU Boulder with a B.A. in Evolutionary Biology, so although that’s not directly applicable to making cars sound great, it contributes greatly to his ability to learn quickly, research solutions and communicate those solutions effectively,” said Andy.

“He also has some public speaking experience in high school debates, so he’s comfortable speaking publicly, even to larger groups. We’re building the new demo car together to give him some first-hand experience and then he’s going to be a road warrior. I think he will be great with retailers and consumers, too.”

Jacob will attend Knowledgefest in Dallas in August with Audiofrog.


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  1. Awesome to see the youth investing themselves in Car audio ! Not sure why but on that picture kinda made me think of Doug from the Soundman lol

    Wishing Jakob all the best in car audio 😉

  2. Awesome news here. I’m sure Jacob will learn so much from Andy & the folks that he will be working with. I wish I had that opportunity at such a young age. Keep an open ear & you will go so far. Oh, & congratulations to both Jacob for the willingness to take on this profession & Andy for the willingness to instill it into him.

  3. Father and Son team… no better combination! I’ve had my Daughter with me for years and it is an excellent working environment everyday. Good luck Andy and Jacob! BTW, you need to do 100K miles a year to earn the title of road warrior.

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