BOSS Eyes 14-Inch Car Radio

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Ever since Alpine launched the first floating screen radio (from a leading brand) with a super-large screen back in 2018, screen sizes have been creeping up.

We’ve seen radios with screens as large as 11 inches from Alpine and now BOSS is expected to offer the largest floating radio to date at 14 inches.

NavToolBOSS is also planning to accompany it with an 11 inch floating screen radio. Both decks are in the process of being licensed and will hopefully be on the market in six months, said the company.

Floating radios have grown increasingly popular in recent years, despite their higher price tags of $500, $600 or more above a comparable 7-inch DIN radio, effectively doubling the price.  As OEM screen sizes increase to 10 inches or larger, consumers want to see that in their replacement radios.

Some retailers say floating radios at 9 inches or larger comprise 10 percent or more of their head unit sales.




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