DD Audio Harley Saddlebag Kit

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Press Release: Oklahoma City, OK — DD AUDIO is proud to introduce the all new HD8SBK, Harley Saddlebag Enclosure Mounting Kit. Every square inch of space matters when you ride. Whether you’re going to the corner-store for a six-pack or going into the desert for the weekend, you need room in your saddlebags to keep the adventure safe and fun. That’s why they’ve built a better, smarter bag/speaker mounting system. With the USA Made HD8SBK you can split your bag in two: one half for space and one half for bass.


Unlike other kits on the market, the HD8SBK completely encloses the speaker while taking up minimal bag space. Riders can store bulky items and sensibly packed loose items in the front of the same bag as their fully enclosed 8” speaker without serious concern for the items or the speaker. The HD8SBK also features a built-in utility tray with bungee straps, so riders can easily secure and quickly access small items stored in the bags. To protect the speaker’s outward facing soft-parts from rocks and debris, DD AUDIO has included a striking black powder coated aluminum 8” DD grill.


The HD8SBK has been tested relentlessly and underwent a thorough prototyping phase to ensure the best possible performance and bass response. It was also built with versatility in mind, giving you a range of options for your two 8” woofers (one in each bag). Riders can choose from DD AUDIO’s VO-W8, VO-XN8, VO-MN8, VO-M8 and RL-SW08, all of which are water resistant, reliable and offer their own unique sound.

Visit ddaudio.com/mounting-hardware/hd8-sbk to learn more about this incredible space saving saddlebag enclosure mountin kit.

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