ZZ-2 Launches New OBD2 Module for Flashing Lights

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ZZ-2 OBD2 flashing lights

Press Release – ZZ-2 has released an OBD2 module compatible with multiple brands that allows users to flash their OEM lights.

The ZW-MFD, is part of the new family of products called Z-WAGZ.

The ZW-MFD is a single unit and is plug and play installable with multiple brands. The lights may be used in construction vehicles, emergency vehicles, state fleets and many other vehicles.  The lights have 8 different patterns that can be selected using the High Beam lever. In the case of up-fitter vehicles, there is an optional push button activation switch that can be used as controls.

The ZW-MFD is compatible with the following vehicles”

ZZ-2 PBS2 flashing lights

For more information visit www.zz-2.com















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