How Big Are Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine Audio Sales

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Powersports Audio Sales

For those who track sales of the various segments in 12 volt retailing, here are powersports, motorcycle and marine audio market estimates, according to handful of leading suppliers and distributors.

By the end of last year, the size of wholesale aftermarket motorcycle, powersports and marine audio markets combined was an estimated $225 -$235 million..

The break down in wholesale sales were

Motorcycle Audio                        $25 -$35 million

ATV/Powersports Audio           $75 million

Marine  Audio                              $125 million

The marine audio annual sales figure likely includes OEM sales by aftermarket companies.

By comparison, total head unit/video monitor aftermarket sales to dealers were projected at $1.2 billion for 2021, by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Remote start wholesale sales were projected at about $176 million.

Marine audio has also experienced some of the same shortages seen in car audio, which was said to cut into sales growth in 2021, although motorcycle audio seemed less prone to shortages, according to retailers.



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