Remote Start Penetration in New Cars

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Remote Start Penetration

By next year, remote start and security will be available in some form in 90 percent of cars sold, said the Consumer Technology Association in its latest industry-wide forecast.

Despite the high penetration, remote start/security shipments to retailers are expected to climb this year and next, as fewer new cars are sold due to semiconductor chip shortages limiting inventory. At present, about 4 million fewer vehicle are expected to sell this year worldwide due to chip shortages. Consumers will look to add features to their current car or a used car, instead.

Additionally, the CTA expects navigation will be included in most new cars by 2023, replacing non-navigation infotainment systems, despite the growing popularity of smartphone-based navigation.

“Overall, looking at the next couple of years, there’s a lot of opportunity for installers. Were seeing demand for new cars rise right now, but the OEM manufacturers are still having trouble producing as many vehicles as they want.  The aftermarket will be able to fill some of the need there,” said CTA Director, Industry Analysis and Business Intelligence Richard Kowalski.

Remote start/security unit sales to dealers will increase to 1.35 million, up from 1.32 million in 2020.  They will rise again in 2022 to 1.37 million, the CTA predicts.  Revenues, however are expected to decline to $176 million in 2021, down from $178 million in 2020.  They will then  remain flat in 2022 at $176 million.




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